Prioritising research, testing capabilities and education

Prioritising research, testing capabilities and education.

To maintain its world-leading position and competitiveness in the dynamic world market, Europe’s aviation industry must be underpinned by world class capabilities and facilities in research, test and validation and education.

The goals of Flightpath 2050

1.      European research and innovation strategies are jointly defined by all stakeholders, public and private, and implemented in a coordinated way with individual responsibility.
2.      Creation of a network of multi-disciplinary technology clusters based on collaboration between industry, universities and research institutes.
3.      Identification, maintenance and ongoing development of strategic European aerospace test, simulation and development facilitiesThe ground and airborne validation and certification processes are integrated where appropriate
4.      Students are attracted to careers in aviation.Courses offered by European Universities closely match the needs of the Aviation Industry, its research establishments and administrations and evolve continuously as those needs develop.


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