Ensuring safety and security

Ensuring safety and security

The progress of aviation safety since the 60s is impressive. Lessons have been learnt from the accidents of the past and effective mitigations have been implemented to reduce the probability of similar events today and in the future. This naturally results in the emergence of new causes that were previously masked. The safety goals for 2050 are very ambitious when compared to the current commercial operations.

The goals of Flightpath 2050

1.      Overall, the European air transport system has less than one accident per ten million commercial aircraft flights.
2.      Weather and other hazards from the environment are precisely evaluated and risks are properly mitigated.
3.      The European air transport system operates seamlessly through interoperable and networked systems allowing manned and unmanned air vehicles to safely operate in the same airspace.
4.      Efficient boarding and security measures allow seamless security for global travel, with minimum passenger and cargo impact. Passengers and cargo pass through security controls without intrusion,.
5.      Air vehicles are resilient by design to current and predicted on-board and on-the-ground security threat evolution, internally and externally to the aircraft.
6.      The air transport system has a fully secured global high bandwidth data network, hardened and resilient by design to cyber-attacks.


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