ACARE - Success stories

Aviation – 15 years of Research and Innovation – Success Stories

It has been almost 15 years since ACARE came into being. Over this period significant progress has been made in European Air Transport to both, support society’s need for mobility as well as maintain global leadership for Aviation as a sector.

Aviation is recognised as one of the top five advanced technology sectors and makes a major contribution to European competitiveness. Home to some 450 airlines and 700 airports, Aviation provides close to 9 million skilled jobs directly and indirectly. The sector contributes 600 billion Euros to European GDP.

European Aeronautics and Air Transport have reached their current position through decades of innovative solutions and strong Research and Technology. This has enabled the sector to command global leadership for this sector. European aviation also plays a key role in global safety and security, serving society’s needs for air transport.

Since ACARE was formed, the Strategic Research goals that it has formulated have had a clear influence on policy and aeronautical research, including the European Commission’s current research framework programme, Horizon 2020. There is strong momentum in programmes of Aeronautics and Air Transport research, which is already delivering important initiatives and benefits for the aviation industry through programmes including: EU collaborative research in Aeronautics and Air Transport (EU Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration activities), Clean Sky , SESAR, National programmes in many Member States e.g. LUFO, ATI, CORAC, Take-off etc., and research establishment initiatives (EREA Future Sky etc.) as well as private company programmes.

The document released today details some notable success stories and achievements in Aeronautics and Air Transport over the last 15 years resulting from the orientations provided in the Strategic Research and Innovation produced by ACARE.

The new Chairman of ACARE, Professor Rolf Henke, Executive Board Member of AeronauticsDLR, said that“Aviation has a track record which has enabled this sector to address society’s needs for Air Transport in Europe as well as secure global leadership and deliver these key objectives in the most cost effective and efficient way possible. The success stories brochure contains a small set of examples of the thousands of projects completed by ACARE stakeholders over the last 15 years that are helping to address the many challenging goals set by Vision 2020 and subsequently Flightpath 2050.”

The aviation community is committed to delivering a globally competitive and innovative Europe.  We call on EU policy-makers to put in place the necessary policy frameworks and provide long-term support for Aeronautics and Air Transport to achieve the goals set in Flightpath 2050.

Strong investment and collaboration by all ACARE stakeholders to deliver innovation must continue in order to achieve our vision for European Aviation for 2050.